Helios Enters Into Partnership With Cucina Remedios

Helios Enters Into Partnership With Cucina Remedios

Cucina Remedios, one of the newest restaurants in the Malate area, recently became Helios’ trusted & preferred partner for its monthly disinfection & sanitation requirements.

Carl & Christopher Berenguer, brothers & owners of the restaurant, stressed that it was important that all restaurants & establishments maintain regular disinfection activities. “We want to ensure the safety of all our staff & customers against Covid-19. This partnership with Helios does just that, given the 30-day efficacy versus any kind of virus”, they added.

The Helios Disinfection Service uses GERMAGIC ™ MAP-1, a germicidal technology using encapsulation technology for controlled release of active antimicrobials. It guarantees contact-killing, release-killing, anti-adhesion & 30-day protection. For inquiries regarding our service, you may email us at info@helios.ph or send us a message via our social accounts:

Facebook: @heliosenvironmentalsolutions

Instagram: @heliosenvironmentalsolutions

LinkedIn: Helios Environmental Solutions PH


Cucina Remedios is located at: 2F, 2472 Leon Guinto St, Malate Manila. Tel: {0916} 250 3652.

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